messing family picture

Colleen & Howard live in Westwood, MA and Sailfish Point, FL.

Sam lives in Brooklyn and Milan, NY with his wife Hannah Diamond. He works as a senior software engineer at Google. Hannah works at The Museum of the City of New York.

Lauren and her husband, Marc Maffei, live in Dedham, Massachusetts. Marc is working on his PhD in speech pathology at The Massachusetts General Hospital and Lauren is on maternity leave from Anthropologie while she takes give of our special new grandson, Henry Howard Maffei.

Colleen is on the board of the Society of Arts and Crafts and the M.I.T. Council on the Arts where she Chairs the Grants Committee.

Howard is C.E.O. of MEDITECH and a Trustee at the Museum of Science in Boston. He also serves on the Finance & Warrant Commission in Westwood.