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This year has been a very sad and a very happy year for our family.

My Mom died after a struggle with Alzheimer's disease on July 23rd. She would have been 91 this year. We were so fortunate to have her in an amazing care facility, Epoch Senior Center in Weston who treated her with such dignity and love. She lived a wonderful and very full life with a loving husband of 67 years, 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Nanny will be missed so much by all of us.

Tata continues to struggle with his memory loss, hearing loss and of course the loss of Nanny. This will be a very difficult Christmas for all of us but hopefully we can begin to share the past memories as happy times and not so much the loss.

Sam is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University double majoring in philosophy and creative writing. He manages the radio station and has a show that showcases Indy bands. He takes guitar at the Peabody Conservatory and is on the Dean's list. He is the most curious and intense young man, kind, compassionate and sensitive. He has special friends and continues his long-term relationship with Rachel, who attends Washington University in St. Louis.

Lauren is a Senior at Tisch Performing Arts School at NYU in NYC. She has moved into an apartment in Brooklyn with her friend Lexi, also a graduate of Tisch. She lives around the corner from our cousin, Robin. Lauren has performed in many plays and continues to thrive at school. Her talents constantly amaze her family and friends. She has traveled extensively with her family and has many wonderful and close relationships. She has been dating a nice young actor for the past few months (dare I say his name, yet?) Lauren spent her sophomore summer in London studying theater and history and traveled to Italy during her winter break with her friend Jen.

Howard is President and COO of MEDITECH. He has been at the company for 32 years. He continues to feel very proud of the company and feels so blessed that he has been able to work for such an outstanding place. Howard has become a collector of minerals (as his office, and our walls at home attests!) He still loves looking at the stars and traveling . He is enjoying the beginning of golf again (however, he claims he doesn't play in public) but we shall see. He is busy with his involvement with the Museum of Science as a trustee and is on a few committees there. Howard also has become involved with the Physics Department at MIT and is a member of the town of Westwood's Business Advisory committee.

I am a board member of the Rose Art Museum and an overseer at the Decordva Art Museum. I am also on the resource council at the Society of Arts and Crafts. I co-chaired the Star Wars Gala at the Museum of Science and am an on-going glutton for punishment in designing and decorating various events (the Brookline Arts Center's Craftshowcase, SAC's Craftboston, Serendipty, etc.) with my co-horts and friends, Isabella, Alyda, Sheila, Beth, you all know who the rest of you are! I still love to play bridge and read books. I also belong to 2 book clubs and 2 bridge groups. (will I ever get better?)

I love to travel a lot to our home in Florida and enjoy my many visits with my college and bridge friends in the sunny weather. Relationships are so important and being able to spend some time away from the everyday is so helpful to all of us. A lot of laughs, food and drink with great friends are what it's all about. Howard and the kids come down as often as possible.

We have had such amazing trips in the last few years. We went to South Africa and Botswana, England and Scotland, California (isn't that considered a foreign country?) Last January we went to Chile with an MIT group looking at the Magellen Telescope in the Atacama Desert. I have promised Howard I won't carry so much stuff next time! I would imagine that Jane would agree! The trip was fabulous other than the ham and cheese sandwiches served for every breakfast and often lunch. Howard and I were able to go again to South Africa and Dubai which was an unbelievable place. Our mouths were constantly open looking at the skyscrapers and the buildings. The Gold Souk (the gold marketplace) was something dreams are made of. Hundreds of shops teeming with gold, diamonds, gems of all kinds. Truly indescribable. The off-road ride in the sand dunes was unbelievable and seeing Howard riding a camel was an amazing amount of fun. We went with our dear friends Clare and John Tresling from South Africa. (John is the President of MEDITECH SA).

This February we are going to Tucson for the gem and mineral show (surprise!) Then to Switzerland with the MIT tour led by Jerry Friedman, the Noble Prize winner in Physics to CERN to see the Super Collider before it goes live. That trip is in June. Very exciting. In July we are going to Barcelona with a group from the Museum of Science so we are packing a lot of traveling now that we are empty nesters. I hope to travel back to Nebraska and Oregon this summer to see family with or without the kids and Howard. He does have to work!

We continue to feel very blessed and loved by all our family and dear friends. We hope that you may find peace in your heart, peace in your home, and we all wish for Peach throughout the world.

Our love and best wishes for a hopeful New Year to all of you,

Colleen, Howard, Lauren, Sam, Bogart and Reuben