Messing Family Recipes


Millionaire Chicken

Sauce 'A'

Sauce 'B'

  1. Steam or boil chicken until cooked (1 hour for a whole chicken, 20-30 minutes for pieces).
  2. Let chicken cool, then bone it and cut into bite size pieces (refrigerate).
  3. Combine sauce 'A' ingredients, let sit 5 minutes.
  4. Combine sauce 'B' ingredients over low heat for 3 minutes. Mix with sauce 'A'.
  5. Toss sauce w/chicken and arrange on a platter over lettuce leaves.
  6. (make extra sauce to serve on the side).

Attributed to Grace Zia Chu who was head of the China Institute in New York City. The original name of it was Chinese Odd Flavored Chicken.

Description: A mildly spicy Chinese dish!